Spinly.ca site redesign launch

We are pleased to announce the new Spinly.ca website redesign.  We offer comprehensive web development services within your budget.  Additional services offered are website hosting, custom database design, marketing and social media campaigns, and more.  Our process is simple, you will have a sales representative that will walk you through all aspects of your projects from start to finish.  We draw on our team of experts and spin out websites that come alive!


We are family owned and operated and understand the challenges that small businesses experience when trying to conquer the internet.  It all starts with a great design, but there is much more to it.  Marketing and social media campaigns are essential to gain traction and get the targeted traffic you need to take your site to the next level.  Our custom databases allow you to collect information you need from clients in the form you require!  Easily accessible with our proprietary back end system, your website goes from a business card, to a dynamic method to know who is visiting, but also retain clients and market your services to them through email campaigns. 

Live chat is available if you would like to discuss your needs.  We want to earn your business and can provide you with a quote for services.  


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