Do I need a landing page?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is different than sending traffic to your website.  Your regular website promotes browsing to your audience, as where a landing page promotes a specifc product or action you wish a client to take and are promoted through directly linked ads.  These pages are highly effective mini websites in their own right and take a deep dive in to very specific content.  They can look very different than your own website and can help grow your base more efficiently.  Audiences for this type of content are there for a very specific targeted ad, and having a 1 page website with an action to take leads to more conversions and warm lead generation.

What content do I need?

Establishing your brand, trust, and getting the audience to take action is a lot to do in a 1 page website.  The design elements need to be simple, eye catching, and have a logical flow.  Mini navigation buttons can help with the flow by skipping to information the audience wants to see easily.  A potential customer may not know much about your company, so it is wise to expand upon who you are and what you do.  Your content should be similar in scope to a regular website, but focused on your specific ad campaign.

Making your pitch

Once you have established who you are, and what you are about, it is time to move in to the offer or pitch.  This may be something specific to your landing website that isn’t a regularly offered product or service on your main website.  Incentives are always a great way to seal the deal.  Your pitch can ask for additional action like clicking the product or service to order and close the deal.

Call to action

If your client isn’t ready to purchase, but would like more information or has questions, your call to action form is a way to generate warm leads.  Keeping the form simple with basic information will encourage completion.  This is where you can open up additional channels of contact with your email, phone, address, or direction to your main website. is here to help!

Curious about a landing page for your product or service?  Contact us today, we can help!

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