Meet our team member

Jenny Connors / Web Programmer

Meet our incredible team member Jenny Connors!  If you have technical issues or design questions, Jenny is our go to person!  While we love to work hard on projects, we also like to take a moment to have some fun with our lighthearted Q&A session. 


Do I have to pick one? I love music (although I’m not playing since Covid), my pets, gardening, baking, crossword puzzles, and computers.

Do I have to still pick one? I love Timo Andres’s “Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno”. Robert Paterson’s “Elegy (for Two Bassoon and Piano)” takes my breath away. And just about anything by Caleb Burhans.

Both; I’m bipetual.

Late 70s and early 80s British music.

Depends on what I have in the house, but either grapes or From The Ground Up cauliflower crisps.

Keeping my feet on the ground, thank you.

First, the team. We all listen to each other, and that is great. I love having input into what might or might not work for a site.

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