Why do I need a website when I have social media?

Where do I start?

It can be tempting to limit your online presence to social media streams.  Social Media do not require investment and they can be updated at will.  You are however missing sales and audience opportunities that a website is still required to do.

You do not own social media streams

Perhaps the most important aspect of social media posts is that you do not own it!  You do not own the platform, and you are subject to the rules of a 3rd party for posting.  If you have violations of any type your stream can be cut off without notice and you simply go dark.  You may think this will never happen, but getting your streams restored can take days or weeks; not to mention if you get hacked.  A social media only online presence puts you at risk of not being in control of your content.

Who are you?

When you are creating an atmosphere of trust with your audience, only having social media streams does not speak to your brand or integrity.  Think of it like presenting a brand new car with no engine, wheels, or lights.  It certainly is not a complete look, and many will pass without purchase.  A website is your brand online that you control.  People appreciate that you have made an investment in your product and service, and it goes a long way to instill confidence.

Making your mark

Your website is as unique as you are.  Social media streams are hard to differentiate and promote the platform as much as your product or service.  Building traffic is not possible with social media accounts.  If someone conducts searches online, it is much harder to find you.  Search engine optimization is key to building traffic, and with your own website, you can generate organic traffic that is there specifically for your content.  Social media streams do not rank the same as a website, and you are cutting off vital flow of potential new customers.

Hybrid model

If you are missing social media, or a website, you have missed the mark.  These are two components of the same machine and are integral to one another.  Social media integration in your website keeps the website current, while your website keeps your audience focused selling your brand.  You call the shots with your website from look and feel.  It is a balance of all things, all while focusing on your sales funnel to complete transactions and create customer loyalty.

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