Networking and your website


You have built an online presence, and it looks great.  What do you do now?  Perhaps you are not getting traffic to your website or social media platforms.  Getting in front of an audience is not always easy.  Moreover, you may not be getting quality traffic that will ultimately make purchases or subscribe.  Qualified lead traffic is essential to helping grow your business.  Volume is not key; quality is.

Low cost approach

There are considerable resources available with groups of various platforms that allow you to interact with other business owners, or fans of certain products or services.  Joining groups on Facebook can be a great way to spark connections.  Business owners can offer you advice on successful practices and save you making mistakes.  Many of the same contacts can also lead to new business opportunities and collaboration.  You can also consider joining groups that are relevant to your product or service.  Many groups allow you to mention your products and services, while still maintaining a non-sales oriented feel.  The key here is not to come off as only interested in getting sales from members of the group.  Keep the pitch light, and relevant to the group.


Interacting with others when you have business interests at stake, you want to make sure that you are following some basics.  There is nothing more off-putting than someone commenting in a thread with a sales pitch at commenters.  If you are posting for your product or service, do it as a new post.  Following group rules is essential, and non-compliance with rules will often get you barred from posting or removal from the group.  Your conduct is the reputation of your business, so always maintain a professional tone.

A personal touch

In life we build friendships and contacts.  It is always great to develop a network of people you can both rely on, and collaborate with.  Connecting with people you share common experiences with pays dividends.  You never know in connections who may pull through for you or connect you with your next client.  Building rapport and trust that you are not in it solely for a sale will build an organic network you can access and build on your success.

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