You have built an online presence, and it looks great.  What do you do now?  Perhaps you are not getting traffic to your website or social media platforms.  Getting in front of an audience is not always easy.  Moreover, you may not be getting quality traffic that will ultimately make purchases or subscribe.  Qualified lead traffic is essential to helping grow your business.  Volume […]

Where do I start? It can be tempting to limit your online presence to social media streams.  Social Media do not require investment and they can be updated at will.  You are however missing sales and audience opportunities that a website is still required to do. You do not own social media streams Perhaps the most important aspect of social media posts is that you […]

We value community connection is pleased to launch the new Frontrunners London Ontario website.  Focused on safe and inclusive group running events for the LGBTQ2S+ community, Frontrunners now have a greatly enhanced web presence.  We are proud to help community based groups achieve their goals through professional and engaging website design.   Keep your audience engaged We have integrated a monthly calendar of events, which […]

Jenny Connors / Web Programmer Meet our incredible team member Jenny Connors!  If you have technical issues or design questions, Jenny is our go to person!  While we love to work hard on projects, we also like to take a moment to have some fun with our lighthearted Q&A session. What hobby brings you joy? Do I have to pick one? I love music (although […]

What is a blog? A blog is a connection to your audience, keeping visitors entertained and informed.  It can be formal or conversational to talk about subjects of interest and promote specific products and services.  It keeps your website dynamic and can easily be shared on social media.  A more engaged audience translates to return visits and increased sales. Static websites that aren’t updated regularly […]

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